Linggo, Setyembre 1, 2013

A Hymn to Christ

A Hymn to Christ
(Adapted from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Mass upon the Altar of the World)

Oh Christ of Glory,

Thou art the hidden Power
Stirring the very heart of matter.
Thou art the glowing center
Who, in Thyself, knits together
The manifold strands of reality.

Thou art inexorable as the World,
Thou art the life in winter’s cold.
Thou art the warmth of life,
Thou art the love in every strife.

Thy brow is of blinding snow,
Thy hair like silk that glows,
Thy eyes, blazing fire so bold,
Thy feet, more dazzling than gold.

In Thy Abundant Oneness,
You gather everything to Thy rest;
Every delight, every taste,
Every energy, every existence’s phase.

To Thee my being cries out
With a longing differed from doubt,
A longing, as vast as the Universe,

For You are my Lord and my God…

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